Content can’t be found from the table of content link

I have a page created.

As an author, I can find the page

If i have acces, i can see in the table of contents.

If I have no acces, is not in the table of contents

But if I have acces as subscriber and I´m not the author, i can not find the page. Maybe a private page or something could be necesary or to not to show in the table of contents if the redirection is to an empty page

I’m confused by the two screenshots of the table of contents as they appear to be showing two different parts.

Sorry. I send you the wrong screenshots.

Anyway. the point is: If a chapter is private, as an author I can read it. But as a reader not. Correct. The problem is, the private chapter is in the table of contents, and if I have not rights to read it, after to open that page, i have an empty page.

If the book have show in web not selected and show in exports not selected too, just show title, the user will open the page and instead a private page, the user would find an empty page.

Try to create a chapter, to make it private and with another user with just subscription role, try to open the page from the table of contents.

i just realice, if show in exports is activated

the user can read the page, if is not, the users get a empty page

I can’t reproduce this. Here’s what I did:

  1. As a book administrator, I created the following chapters.

  1. As a subscriber, I visited the webbook. This is what I saw:

As you can see, none of the content that my subscriber user can’t read is visible in the web TOC.