Composer question

I´m a litle lost about composer.

Now, I download the PB Books from github, then i do upload in my site.

Once the files are on place, I go to the terminal and I find the wp folder where I have installed PB:
cd /var/www/vhosts/

Once I´m on the place, i have to run composer:
require pressbooks/pressbooks-book.

that´s it?

can i run composer without download and upload the theme? it will download automaticaly composer and install? or I should do it?


You definitely don’t need to do both!

If you are managing your site with composer, you would log in to your server via SSH and then run the following command from your web root:

composer require pressbooks/pressbooks-book

If you aren’t managing your site with composer, you would download the latest release (the first file, a zip with the version number in the file name, e.g. and simply upload it to your /themes directory.

For more information:


thanks for the information

This resource is also good:

Guide to Composer in WordPress