Comments Feature - Which user roles receive moderation emails?

Hello! I have two interconnected questions to ask:

  1. Which of the user roles in Pressbooks receives comment moderation notifications? Is it only the administrator, or do other users get automatic emails informing them of comments as well?

  2. Are there other ways to customize who receives email moderation questions?

The background context: I’m working with a set of authors who are each involved to varying degrees with their textbook. Currently, each person is set to be an administrator so that everyone has the permission to change global book info as needed. They’ve requested that I change the email address that receives comment notifications to a centralized book contact address, partly to reduce the amount of email that the authors would receive in their personal inboxes.

At present, my approach is to add the “book’s” email address to the text as a new administrator. (If the authors don’t want to receive comment notifications, I’ll simply let them know that they can either:
[A] create a mail rule for themselves, or
[B] downgrade their Pressbooks role for the book and share the password for this book-identity among themselves. From there, they can use this admin identity it to change their own user role back to administrator if they need to change book info for some reason, although this may be a bit unwieldy as a strategy.)

Are there better tactics at present?

I’ve checked on the User Roles guidebook page and wasn’t able to find information about this specific topic. ( and the comments information page (

Hi Naomi, seems like you have figured out the best approach under the circumstances. There are no better tactics at present, but I could see the benefit of adding a setting to specify a single email contact for comment moderation. If this sounds like a good idea, would you be up for opening a ticket at explaining the specifics of your use case? Thanks!

Absolutely! I’ll open a ticket today.

Thanks so much for the incredibly speedy reply!

With gratitude,