Cloning of books


Now we can clone a book in a new and fresh book.

I use where I can close in a new fresh book or to delete an old one by writing the new information over the old book.

I feature to consider for the future maybe.


So you mean: you would like the option of replacing an existing book using our tool instead of just creating a new one?


Yes. It would be great to offer both options. As some times I have a book but I need to remplace it with a new one.


It’s not on our road map for the foreseeable future, but pull requests are always welcome.


one step at a time, but I hope so.


@ned and @colomet – what happens to the reserved URL when a book is deleted from a Pressbooks catalog? Does that URL get freed up for reuse after a certain amount of time? If so, could you a) delete the existing (old) book, and then b) clone the book to the previously reserved URL?


Yes, in the same moment you delete the url, is available again.

Is a good question as do not alow to use the same URL again. but here, you have more freedom.