Cloning feature - Roles / License question


One question. In order to be able to clone a book, the book must be with a Creative Commons license. Which I believe is the best idea, as in that way the writer of the book allow or not to copy and paste.

But what about cloning inside of a network. Do the SuperAdministrator will be able to clone a book inside of a PB installation no matter the license? or instead the Super Admin the original author have the power of to clone a book no matter the license?

In my situation, as I’m the administrator/editor of the books, to not be able to clone the book if the book have a private license, will make slow the cloning process.


Yes, we will be allowing Network Admins to override the license check for books within their own network.


Can the book author, book admin, super admin disable the cloning of the book.

In case the book author wants to content not to be cloned or misused. Can he protect the content from cloning.


Hi John,
cloning can be “disabled” by setting the book license to either “All rights reserved” or a CC license that does not allow derivatives.


thank you @jcguan

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