Cloning books - source is no longer available

This book was cloned from a source that is no longer available message.

But the original book exist


The book is private, which means Pressbooks cannot load any metadata or other information from it. This is where you would get the metadata via the REST API:

that one is private too and it works


So, i do open the book again and then it should work? or I do have to do something?

Super admins can clone private books on their own networks.
Super admins cannot clone private books from other networks.
The front page of the book is not in super admin context, it’s more like an anonymous user. Is that the issue?

I do work as superadmin all the time. Nobody else clone books.

Besides, I did clone both books in the same moment. the wrong one and later the good one.

So, should I clone again the book or it is possible to fix the issue from the database or somewhere?

Try deleting transients. The data from the source book is stored in a transient, so if you:

  1. Make the source book public;
  2. Delete the transients in the cloned book;
  3. Visit the book cover page…

It will retrieve the data and cache it properly.

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