Chapter title heading structure and two-level TOC

When “Show Title” is selected in a chapter’s status & visibility, is the chapter title set as an H1 in heading structure or a title? Trying to ensure that the heading structure makes sense throughout, so currently the top heading I have in the body text is H2, assuming chapter title is H1. But then if I want to also use a two-level TOC, the 2nd level contents need to also be H1, correct?

Hi Megan. You are correct that the two-level TOC only displays H1 headings. As this is not ideal with regards to accessibility, there is a feature request to make H2 the top-level heading for chapters. In the comments you can also read up on the reasoning why H1 was used in the first place.

Thanks, that feature request is a very important one, or the comment on that request to enable a choice for H2 to be in the two-level TOC so that we can continue with proper heading structure and still utilitze two-level TOC.

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