Change "Read" Button Destination

For my book, the “Read” button currently jumps to the Preface, but I would rather it point to the TOC, or Index, or even the first chapter. Is there a setting to change the destination?

Hi Gabriel, currently the Read button goes to the first content in the book (retrieved here) and is not customizeable. This is something we could consider for a forthcoming release.

There is currently a ‘set as eBook start point’ checkbox option in the export options for each chapter. Perhaps something like that could be used in this desired use case?

Not sure that that would work, as @gabriel.higginbotham’s suggestion of being able to link to the TOC would not be possible (the TOC isn’t in the content as such and can’t be set as eBook start point). But good thought.

We have the TOC in the cover page, is like to have it twice once we open a book.

I don´t know wich is the best link for such buttom, but is it true the most of the times I use to open the TOC by default if I need to show a book to someone.

I spoke before asking about the posibility to have a feature image in each chapter, in that way we could use the feature image for the chapter and also for the TOC. In such situation it would be a nice starting point. Like a portfolio with all the chapters of the book.

For this particular instance, it is even desirable to hide the Table of Contents on the cover page, but jump to the TOC with the “Read” button. I’m not sure if others would like such a feature or not. It makes sense for textbooks, but probably not any other type.

It can be an option. To have 2 types of covers. Cover type A or Cover type B
A for educational books and B for lecture books

I do not understand that. So, is not possible to have that page in the “Read” button

Hi @colomet I think what Ned was saying is that the table of contents appears as a dynamic component of a webbook’s home/landing page and thus does not have its own unique URL. In theory we could probably add an anchor to the ToC on this page and add a setting that allowed book admins to choose where the Read button link pointed, but neither of those features are on our development roadmap at present. @gabriel.higginbotham would you like assistance writing this up as a user story or Pressbooks ideas request?

Following up on this topic a few years later … I noticed today that the Read link url deposits the reader on the Acknowledgments frontmatter “chapter” (the first content in the book), which is not the ideal landing page for a new reader. We could reorder things, but it really would be helpful if the Read button destination could be set manually/overridden.

Has there been any update to this since the original thread was posted?