Centralization of functionality

Hello guys!

As I understood, some core functionality related to books management is distributed between plugin and Aldine theme, like including/excluding books in catalog etc. WIll not it be a good idea to allocate all of them in one place, because otherwise without using Aldine some functionality is unreacheable, will be?

@danzhik The only functionality that I can think of that exists in Aldine is the catalog management, but since the network catalog feature requires that Aldine be used as the root theme this makes sense to me. If there’s other things I’m missing, please let me know.

@ned, ok, got, then it’s fine
Thank you!

Well, maybe if a backend functinality is in the plugin, and not in the theme, a different theme can be created as root theme much simple.

If creating a different theme is “simple” then creating a pull request to move this backend functionality into Pressbooks should also be “simple”. So, please feel free to open a pull request.