Cannot change figure caption label language

I have a Pressbook in which I have set the book’s language to “English” (in “Book Info” configuration page), however, figure caption language remains “German”. I cannot find other means to affect the book’s language in the available settings (I have also set my personal language to “English”).

I have also tried to start with a clean slate but the issue remains - I cannot affect the figure caption language.

Looking into the manual gave no avail, I was not able to resolve this issue.

As you probably guessed, I am new to Pressbook’s but as far as I understand, it uses WordPress under the hood. For the latter there must be further templating options. Is this the right direction to look into? Do you have any other hints how to resolve it?

Thank you very much for your insights.

@MojoDojo There are a few places where book and user language can be set (, but it sounds like you’ve already tried adjusting those. can you share the URL of your book and screenshots of what the problem is so others can inspect the issue and potentially share useful ideas for solving your problem?

Dear SteelWagstaff,

thank you for your reply.

Indeed I tried these steps already, changing the book’s language does not yield the desired effect. I also tried to create a new book and face the same issue there. So I guess some underlying template (which I cannot access) overrides the book’s language setting.

In regards to sharing the book I will have to double check, I do not think it is meant to be public (otherwise I would have already provided the URL in the first post). You can find an exemplary screenshot (content greyed out) below.