Can we move page number to page bottom

As a reader, I like uncluttered headers with page numbers on the bottom of the page. This has the added advantage of allowing page numbers on chapter title pages.

I do not see an option for this. All current themes are versions of McLuhan which seems not to have footers. Can we add footers with custom CSS? If so, does someone have prebuilt code?

Are you using ?

Yes. Is there some other version? Actually, I’m using it via my library system’s subscription, which appears to be identical to the general version. I’m trying to figure it all out so I can coach others.

there are several themes with numbering in the bottom…

I see fifteen themes, all versions of McLuhan. Since there is no way to preview entire pages of themes without activating them and exporting, could you list the ones that have bottom page numbers please? At least one or two? Thanks a bunch.

Hi Ritergal – I took a quick look at several themes – Luther, Atwood, Adunis, Austen, Clarke, Christie – each of which appears to use page numbers at the bottom of the page. Couldn’t spare more time to investigate further, but hopefully that’s a start for you.

Thanks for the list. I understand time limitations. The theme currently active in my document is Christie, and page numbers are at the top, a couple of spaces to left or right of text content in the header. Since all currently available themes are subsets of McLuhan, I suspect they retain that basic structure, though I also lack the time to check right away.

This is not a deal-breaker. I think I can customize the header text to add a little flair, but sure would like to move that number down south!

Hi Ritergal,

Some comments:

  1. while all themes are “children of mcluhan” … they are not necessarily structured in the same way
  2. if a theme has chapter numbers at the top of the page, the chapter opening will either be blank or at the bottom (per standard book design)
  3. Mcluhan actually has page numbers at the bottom… are you seeing something different?
  4. Some other themes with bottom numbers:
    – bornte, dillard

Thank you for clarifying the “children of” situation. I had not tried McLuhan, so activated it and yes, page numbers are at the bottom ─ along with header text. Then I tried Bronte and bingo! It does have numbers in a footer and text on top. Ditto with Dillard and several others. I finally settled on Austin. Thank you!

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Technically footer text, or specifically “running footer”.