Can I share by book privately through a link?

I will eventually be making by book public, but for the moment, I just want to share it with students in an upcoming course. I had thought that I could do so by providing them with a link, while the status of the book remained private. Now, it seems we’re back to the old system in which I have to add users. However, given that the front-end admin page has changed, I want to make sure I’m not missing something here.

P.S. Sorry if I selected the wrong topic for this discussion.

You can add a password to all your chapters: Status & Visibility Settings
Give the pswd to your students & you’re good. Keep in mind that if the pswd is shared, non-students will be able to view the book. You can use 1 pswd for all chapters or unique pswds for each chapter.

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That sounds fine - and I would set one password for everything. But do they need to enter the password every time they want to see a new chapter?

Yes, I believe they will.