Can I access publication date in custom CSS

I tried

meta[name=“pb_publication_date”] {
string-set: publication_date attr(‘content’); }

But that did not bring up any text via

@bottom-center {
content: string(publication_date);


Using Clarke and new Custom CSS feature on

The meta attribute name is pb-publication-date (underscores in meta attribute names don’t pass XML validation, if I recall correctly). You can see this if you export an XHTML file:

    <meta content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" http-equiv="content-type"/>
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en"/>
    <meta name="generator" content="Pressbooks 4.3.4"/>
    <meta name="pb-author" content="Herman Melville"/>
    <meta name="pb-title" content="Moby Dick"/>
    <meta name="pb-language" content="en"/>
    <!-- snip -->
    <meta name="pb-publication-date" content="-3730233600"/>

However, this isn’t going to be that helpful since the meta publication date is stored as a UNIX time string. What you’e seeing in my example is the publication date for Moby Dick. We will be outputting more useful metadata in the HTML file headers when we switch to HTMLBook.