Bulk Editing Menu

Hi all,
I’ve just heard reports from a user with Admin access to their book that they don’t see the ‘Chapters’ bulk editing option on the Text->Organize page. Here’s what they’re seeing:

Here’s what I see (as a super-admin):
When I click chapters–I get a bulk edit option for all the published chapters in a book. They don’t have that option, which makes it difficult for them to change things like author/publishing status, etc. en masse. Is this discrepancy intentional? Is there some way that a user (who is a book’s administrator) can get to a chapter bulk editing option without knowing the URL directly?

This is a historical decision which we are open to revisiting. My guess is that this was done to avoid conflating the WordPress author of a given chapter (which has no impact on outputs) with the author supplied in chapter meta, which does, and also to avoid less technical users being confused by having an unordered view of chapters and front/back matter which does not reflect the book’s actual structure.

Revisiting the organize page is a key UI + UX goal of our revised development roadmap (coming soon!), so this is a good point to include in that spec process.