Book cover

I’m trying to make a cover for my book, and can’t find the “cover generator tool” in press books. I tried uploading an image to replace the dummy one - didn’t work. Any ideas?

Try instructions here: Make a Book Cover – Pressbooks User Guide

oh so THAT is where they hid it. OK, thanks, but I don’t see a way to upload a foreground picture, only a background one. Is that the case?

Yep – background picture means something that sits behind the text that appears on your cover. You certainly don’t want an image ON TOP of your book’s title and author, do you?

No, just below it. First the title, then the picture. Is that weird?

I guess they don’t want us to do that.

@davelipp if you’d like to design a custom cover with more control over design elements, your best bet is using custom design software like Canva or the Adobe Creative Suite. Our guide chapter notes this in a few places:

For the webbook and ebook cover, we note:

You can generate this file using Pressbooks cover generator tool, hire a professional designer, or make one yourself with a free online design tool like Canva.

For PDF covers, which are more complex because they must include the front cover, back cover, and spine in a single document:

we recommend hiring a professional to design your print book cover if you are not going to use the Pressbooks cover generator. You may also choose to use free online tools outside of Pressbooks, such as KDP’s Cover Creator application. Your printer should be able to provide you with clear specifications for your cover, which can be sent to whomever is designing your print cover.

Our cover generator tool doesn’t support the kind of customized design that you have in mind at this time.

Thanks much for that!