Book cover dimensions

We are creating webbook cover images and also templates for the images, so we can create images simple, fast and easy. The idea is to create all the images we will need and to save it and use it in the future.

The current proportion is 1:1.5 but looks like it will be 2:1. If so, i will have to change all the images. In order to be able to create the images just one time. Can you tell me if the following recomendations will be the future sizes of images?:

Catalog Image: This image will appear on your webbook’s cover page and in the network catalog (if applicable). Catalog image should be 2:1 aspect ratio. Recommended minimum dimensions are 1920px × 960px, maximum file size is 2MB


The issue you link to is for a different purpose than the cover image—this is a separate image that would appear on the book card in the Aldine catalog, and potentially in other places. So if you are making cover images you should stick with the current proportion.

ok. thanks.

So i would need two versions for each image. one for the catalog (aldine) and the second image would be used in the book cover?

Yes. But the catalog image feature is still in the works. Basically we came to the conclusion that in a card layout like Aldine, showing a tiny version of a book cover doesn’t provide good user experience, so we want to provide a different image there. The feature will probably land in Pressbooks 5.5/McLuhan 5.5.

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