Blogging options

I just noticed that in my installation I do not see “blogging” options, where the normal “post” options available in wordpress.

Is there any specific reason for disabling blogging option in pressbook.

What in case if we want to enable it.

We disable these within books because the specific structure of books does not lend itself to mixing regular blog content with parts, chapters, etc. From our README:

Pressbooks is built on top of WordPress Multisite, and makes significant changes to [the] admin interface (customized for books and other structured documents, such as magazines, journals, reports, etc.).

It would be hard to have both types of content work well within the same interface.

For the network home page (if that’s what you’re asking about), Aldine is fairly opinionated and is designed for the use case of most users over the years, which tends to be static content (pages) and a catalog. If you’d like to restore blogging functionality to the home page you can use a different theme there. Blogging within books is not an option, though.

Thank you @ned