Best options for archiving with H5P and audio?


We’re curious about what export formats/options other folks have used for long-term archival of their materials in Pressbooks including interactive elements like H5P. Many of the available export options do a good job with text and images and even audio (like EPUB3), but H5P activities are still linked-to in those export formats, and it would be nice to have them consolidated into the same archival file.

How have other users archived their Pressbooks with H5P?


Hey Andrew,
It was my understanding that that the H5P content pulls from the Pressbooks server which houses the H5P libraries, so when a book is archived, it loses that connection and interactivity. H5P content is stored in libraries that are dependent on each other and call the entire library for content when someone interacts with the H5P content. Which makes me think that if you were to establish preservation libraries of H5P content, then you may be able to preserve the content, but maybe not the connection between the texbook content and the H5P content.

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