Atomic design of the books

I´m reading about how to create a much better modular approach. How to translate better, how to eddit better, how to share and lookslike it is too complicate to develop an easy system.

Time ago I start to use from bc-campus the L.O sections, because in that moment that was a good way to split one page into several pieces. Where each piece offer the solution to one problem. But now, speaking about version control, about editing, about… is not powerful enougth.

I have a better idea.

I like the way we can create a book. We have Chapters and inside of each Chapter we have pages. If we follow the same approach we could create a new post callet Topic.

Imagine, we create a Chapter. Inside of the chapter we have as many pages as we wish. There we can write information or not. If we write information, we don´t need to create any Topic, but if we do not write information, it can be as a dinamyc page where the Topics push the content inside of the page.

A Topic is a post, where we can write metadata, add pictures… all the normal stuff we do in a post, and because is a post, we can share, translate and to work with as an independe piece of work, but it belongs to the page. A Topic is a child post.

the page will show all the topics in a dinamyc way. We can organise the order, we can translate one topic or edit by several people and later to chose wich topic is the best one for integrating with the original page.

what do you think?