API endpoint for cloning?

Hi there! My name is Bess and I’ve just started getting my head wrapped around PB and what it offers for OER. Nice to see this forum and to meet you all! Hoping to initiate book cloning outside of the cloning WP interface via an API request, and wondering if there is an API endpoint that might support that or is in the works? I am struggling to find API documentation for V2 so thought I would ask here. Thanks all!

  • Bess

I think this recent thread is similar?

Good eye @dac.chartrand.

@bessfernandez is a fellow engineer at Lumen Learning and is taking lead on a project we’re working on related to the book cloning stuff I was inquiring about.

Good to see you on here @bessfernandez! :wave:


Hello Bess. I had success using the WordPress API to post chapters from a book on WikiSource to Pressbooks. If that’s relevant have a look at https://blogs.pjjk.net/phil/using-the-wordpress-rest-api-to-post-a-book-from-wikisource-to-pressbooks-with-python/


Oh thanks for that example - very helpful!