Any Bootstrap compatible themes?

Hi, our institution manages a variety of web based products, that lean on the Bootstrap (5) framework, it’s great as it has a lot of accessibility built in, is stable and has excellent documentation. Are there any themes that are built on this? With experience in developing for Wordpress, this looks like an approach that I’m sure some of the community has investigated.

We’re looking at developing our own theme to give our users a consistent user experience across environments. I’m wondering if anyone has explored this already.

Hi Jack, we based our themes on a homegrown Bootstrap-like framework called ‘Buckram’ (you can think of it as being ‘like Bootstrap for books’). See Book Themes, Part 1: Frames and Pictures | Pressbooks and Book Themes, Part 2: What’s Buckram? | Pressbooks. The important thing to consider when working with Pressbooks themes is that they need to have rules that determine the styling/appearance not only of the webbook reading interface, but also for any EPUB and PDF exports you choose to produce. If you decide you’d like to build your own theme, here’s a development guide to getting started: Theme Development | Pressbooks Documentation