Anonymous form input?

I’m working with someone on an OER where they want folks to be able to submit information into a form-like interface. A previous solution was to have a link to a Google form … but there is a fear that Google is a surveillance engine, so it would be nice it there were another, native PB approach. Maybe some H5P object type, or a pure HTML form, or a WP form tool? Any ideas?

Does it have to be free?

My favorite WordPress Form Builder is Gravity Forms because its pretty simple and has a lot of functionality and extensions.

Ninja Forms has a free tier that may meet your needs.

WPBeginning compared their 5 favorite forms with pros and cons for each. Each of these uses WordPress so isn’t connected to Google, Microsoft, or other external tools.

hi @poritzj there are lots of ways to do form submission on the internet. The question is going to be where those submissions should be stored and who they should be visible to. I’m generally in favor of delegating form submission to a trusted third party – if Google’s not trustworthy for this user, then one of the form integrations that Ed mentioned for WordPress would be an option, as would several of the options described here: (click the ‘Alternatives to Google Forms’ tab and apply any desired filters for some initial ideas). You could also build your own HTML-based form submission service, I suppose, using ideas/principles from Web forms — Working with user data - Learn web development | MDN but this seems like overkill when this is such a common web ‘problem’ with so many possible solutions already extant. This is also why I think it’s pretty unlikely for Pressbooks to build a form submission feature into our core product – it’d be a lot of effort for initial needs scoping, then more effort for development & testing, plus an ongoing maintenance burden that we just don’t need when there are so many plausible alternatives to doing it ourselves. Just my two cents.