Administration of who can create books



It has come to my attention that those who are given subscriber accounts to a book within a network are able to create new books on the network if they would like. Is there a way to limit this ability? We would prefer to keep some tabs on the number of books created on our instance to prevent an malicious uses of our instance.




Network Settings aka:
Pick: User accounts may be registered. Instead of: Logged in users may register new sites
Then, superadmins can manually create books as needed.



Hi Andrew,

Dac’s right. Currently the control is all or nothing. Either users on the network can register/create new sites, or they can’t (and network managers have to create all new books themselves). Very few network managers I’m aware of choose the latter, but it can be chosen. I’ve also written up a feature request that I think gets at the spirit of your question: Feel free to comment/refine it if you like.