Additional buttons next to "read book"

I would love to add more buttons styled like the read book button on the front page. They should say “Listen to podcasts” or “Watch videos” or “Customize your book”.
Is this possible out of the box?
Would it work on a custom network hosted by pressbooks?
Thank you
Frank J.

Hi @Frank_J, the ‘Read Book’ and optional ‘Buy Book’ call to action buttons that appear on a book’s homepage are controlled by the McLuhan (Pressbooks-book) theme. Here’s the code which makes it happen: pressbooks-book/content-cover-book-header.php at 689986ae0e6d465fc731e1bc9f48d23236da4bc5 · pressbooks/pressbooks-book · GitHub. There’s no current options to allow authors to create new buttons or modify the existing ones, but that might make for an interesting feature request. You’re welcome to suggest that or other ideas for improving Pressbooks here: Issues · pressbooks/ideas · GitHub