Add New Book goes to home page

When I choose “Add A New Book” from the “My Catalogue” menu at the top left, it brings me to the homepage of the site (no error). This is when I am logged in as admin, the link pointed to by “Add a New Book” is /wp-signup.php.

I have the .htaccess file as described when you install WP multisite, readable by www-data, in the top directory of the site.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Sorry @ryanmartinneutrino, not sure why that would happen. Are you set up as a subdomain or subdirectory install?

It’s a subdirectory set up.

Anything showing up in your logs? Do you have WP_DEBUG enabled?

Nothing in the logs when WP_DEBUG is on…

Hi @ryanmartinneutrino, can you drop me an email at I’d like to see if I can figure out what’s going on here as we can probably benefit from troubleshooting this to improve our installation documentation. Cheers.

Deleted. New topic opened separately.