About tables in visual editor

Is true we need a better way for the creation of tables. I have one multisite installation about the creation of vocabulary that is all about tables. I use Easy table https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsE4ZN5fcjw because of the simplicity.

But the most of my tables are 2-3 columns and 2 or 3 of rows. So, a new system would be good for situations where we have a long table or from a CSV file.

But I would like to keep the current one or a simmilar approach.

My problem with the current one is: many times I do something and it change the style of the table. It change the size from dinamic to some size in px. Some times for no reason.


good table code

table code after something weird (normally is by touching the table guides in visual editor, but some times for no reason. Just writing a word inside of the table or using bold with one word