About Aphostrophe (' )


If i try to use the Unicode character for the aphostrophe, in the frond end show the character as single quotation mark, so if I have more than 1 in a page, one is open quotation mark and the second one is close quotation mark, if there is more, it repeat the proces, by showing next one opened and then closed and …

Maybe is because do not exist in the typo and that´s why it uses istead of aphostrophe character the single quotation character



Just use this character: '

You are making things more complicated than they need to be. WordPress filters single and double straight quotes and turns them into curly quotes. By using ' you are confusing the algorithm. I typed your example above into a plain WordPress (not Pressbooks) editor using straight single quotes and the result (when published) was this:




I try before to use the straight single quotes, before and now too, and sometimes do not work as you can see.




Okay, so that’s because you’re splitting the word with a tag. This is an issue in WordPress too, and we have no capacity to fix it.