5.22.0 book formatting issue

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Has anyone reported issues with the 5.22.0 upgrade? Immediately after upgrading we had user reports their book formatting, even in already published works changing. Almost like the page size changed and text was being bumped around in an odd way.

We have had to roll back to fix the problem.

versionlock list
Loaded plugins: etckeeper, fastestmirror, versionlock

As always, any insight is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Michelle – we introduced a bug fix in 5.22 that changed a regular expression in order to fix some image positioning bugs. It looks like it fixed some bugs, but created several new ones :sob: Here’s the commit: Fix positioning for images without caption in PDFs by fdalcin · Pull Request #2173 · pressbooks/pressbooks · GitHub. We’re working on a fix for next release (due early next week), and will either release a patch for the patch or will revert the changes so that everything works the way it did in 5.21. Sorry about the issues your users were experiencing – we’ve got them too, especially with inline images/math. Regular expressions are a pain!

Thanks Steel!! Sorry you folks are going through that headache though.

We will keep our eyes open for the new release.

Thanks for your continued Pressbooks expertise!!

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