Word Doc Import Results in Duplicate Images

I am a developer trying to solve this issue for a librarian at our university. I am very new to PressBooks, so I decided to whip up a local install to tinker with.

Sure enough, once I got everything working I had the same behavior he had shown me earlier. Once following the instructions on importing a Word doc, then selecting it as a chapter, all functions correctly except images are duplicated over and over.

The strange thing is, the number of images is correct, however it simply repeats the same random image from the set of images over and over. Also sort of strange, it is not the first image, so far just a randomly selected image is repeated throughout the post. Also, in the media library it is the same image uploaded the number of images that were in the original Word doc.

Just wondering how to remedy this?

Hi @ugorka, we have an outstanding report about this and will be dedicating development time to it in the coming month. Thanks for getting in touch! https://github.com/pressbooks/pressbooks/issues/288

@ned That is awesome, thank you for letting me know!

This is fixed and will be released next week!

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