Schema markups produced multiple times

I noticed that when I export a book in just one format (mPDF) and make it visible on the homepage, the bookFormat tab is being produced. The thing is that if we export in multiple formats, this markup will be produced the same amount of times.

Is this a mistake or is it supposed to be like this?
The same goes with the offers tab.

I think that’s the correct behaviour, because you are offering multiple formats, but I would defer to @brad, who originally developed the feature. That’s right, isn’t it, @brad?

The problem is, when we export with mPDF we have bookFormat EBook, but as XML, we have bookFormat EBook too. Is that what we want?. Maybe another name is more appropiate or possible.

And about the price, where we can write the price of the book? In book info there are places for the prices, but the price of the offers>price do not change, we have always 0.00.

If you are making the files downloadable for free then they’re free, which is why we don’t apply the pricing data. The price fields are there to be used in custom themes (or, I suppose, you could integrate a tool like if you wanted to sell digital files of your books).

Yes, makes sense. thanks

I would like to integrate with Restricted Content Pro and to make with Pressbooks a susbscription model of revenue.