Restore this revision after search and remplace

Looks like after search and remplace, the revision can not be restored

This is how it’s always worked.

Search & Replace is code we inherited.

The warning text says:

Once you’ve pressed Replace & Save there is no going back! Have you checked Preview Replacements to make sure this will do what you want it to do?

Link to code.

Updates are done using SQL. This bypasses the revision system. Link to code.

I think it’s was done like this because of memory problems. Search & Replace would often crash if there were too many results. We made improvements, fixed this in August 2017. Link to code.

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so, maybe the information is wrong:

Be careful replacing text. There is no undo button. However, you can revert your changes using the Revision History within each chapter, front matter or back matter.

I agree. We’ll change it.