Pressbooks XML exports include content from trash

Hey all,

I did a check here and in github issues to see if this has been noticed, and it didn’t appear to be. I’m noticing that when I create an export of a book (Pressbooks XML), the xml that’s generated is including content that lives in the trash for that book.

I’ve tested this against our 5.5.6 instance and against the pressbooks dev branch with all other plugins turned off, and the behavior is the same.

Is this intended behavior? If so, is there a place to disable this functionality?



Not sure if it was intended as I am not sure who built the original Pressbooks XML exporter. I did notice this recently and I modified the import routine to ignore trashed content (see I wasn’t sure if there was a use case for it; personally I feel as though trashed items could be excluded from the export routine but I figured discarding on import was a safer first step. Thoughts @dac.chartrand or others?

Thanks for point that 1471 out @ned. We may just add that hack in to our instance for now, until we upgrade to 5.6.1 or above (which is where it looks like the fix landed yeah)?

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