Pressbooks-Book Theme Error with Pressbooks 4.0

Hi all–I’ve just updated by dev site to Pressbooks 4.0 and installed the necessary themes, etc. However, when I try to load a book that was running @brad’s Open Textbooks theme I run into a “The Pressbooks Book theme is not installed, but Pressbooks needs it in order to function properly. Please visit GitHub for installation instructions.” I’ve confirmed that I have the 1.9.0-RC2 version of Luther installed and network enabled, so am at a loss for how to troubleshoot. Anyone else experiencing this issue or have suggestions for fixing it?

If you’re running the latest dev branch of PBT it will work. I had to add some modifications to PBT to deal with the change in location.
Will be releasing a new version of PBT with that change this afternoon.

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@SteelWagstaff Let me know if that fixes it! I did see that Brad had made a change for 4.0 but forgot that when we spoke earlier. :+1:

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Yes–that fixed it. Thanks all!