Pressbooks Autonomy

With Pressbooks 3.9.10 I was able to create a standalone wireless webserver with WordPress on a Raspberry PI. An autonomous Pressbooks on a PI was connected to a standalone wireless router. Hence, Pressbooks could operate in areas where there was no Internet.

I wonder if Pressbooks 4.02, and its API evolution will be able to function in an autonomous environment, in the absence of Internet?

Yes, Pressbooks would still work but none of the API capabilities would be usable. By definition an API involves websites communicating with each other across the internet.

Where can I learn more about all the API capabilities in Pressbooks?

Check out our developer docs:

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If the API capabilities originate outside of WordPress, is there a way to recompile into a “non-API” PB (i.e., a PB standalone plugin as was in the past, albeit large file size) ?

Thanks, while I am not a programmer, I appreciate the complexity of PB and would like to find a way to recompile the plugin for remote standalone application - i.e., the book school bus with publishing capability.

Pressbooks still works offline. The API features are all new, so your existing workflow wouldn’t be impacted.

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