Pressbooks 5.0 Testing Issue


Can you collapse the TOC? It’s a dropdown menu so there are some circumstances where it is going to overlap content no matter what.


I can collapse, yes. But maybe if the layer of the previos section buttom is on top, we can have a better workflow.


I would disagree. If a user has expanded the Table of Contents, they are focusing on that element of the UI. Having other elements in front of it would be annoying. This is also in keeping with how things work in the old webbook theme:

Consistency in the TOC

I see. You have a point. yes.


the license is twice in the cover page. Should be like that?




Yes. The Book Information section provides a minimal overview of information about the book, and contributors while the Metadata section will include all metadata available.


As in the other places, I think a way to collapse the content would be a good idea. anyway.

There is an issue about the css

Next section and previous section some times are not in the footer.


It’s a responsive design. When text is zoomed in (your bottom screenshot is zoomed in to 200%) the navigation controls move to the bottom so that they don’t overlap the text. This isn’t a bug.