Pressbooks 5.0, Book 2.0, Aldine 1.0 Development Versions

These are for testing in non-critical environments only. We look forward to your feedback.

@ned–where would you like feedback on the beta versions of each of these? Threads here on the forum, GitHub, somewhere else?

Ned is taking a well deserved break. He should be back in a couple days. Feedback in the forums, bugs in Github please?

Bear in mind that the immediate feedback we are looking for are show stoppers. These projects are slated for release for our customers sooner than later.

Product discussion is always interesting, always considered, always affects the Pressbooks roadmap in some way or another, but what we’re looking for now is things that would halt PB5.

We will collect these and see what we can do.


I have problems for the update of the book theme. I can not upload with filezilla and neither with composer.

Composer is complaining about your lock file. Make a backup of, then delete composer.lock and try again.