PDF exports with wrong page size

I am currently having an issue with exporting .pdfs for just a specific book. I have tried changing the CSS sheet and checked the pdf. export settings but this hasn’t fixed the issue yet.

I changed the page size to see what happens and it makes all the options bigger than specified. An 8.5" x 11" becomes 10" x 12.75". Can this issue be cause by something running in the background for this book?

Can you provide more information? In order for me to respond I need to know:

  • Versions of Pressbooks and McLuhan
  • Book theme and version
  • PDF export method (Prince, DocRaptor, mPDF)?

PB Version: 3.9.6
Book Theme: Pressbooks Custom CSS
Book Theme Version: 0.1
I believe the PDF export is Prince.

Pressbooks Custom CSS is no longer maintained (and has been for almost a year—it’s been replaced with core functionality), and you’re running a two-year-old version of Pressbooks. Page sizes can be changed without issue on newer versions. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can provide any help with this.

Thank you for trying though. I will see about moving it to our updated site.

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