PDF Export Issues

A few questions as I’m exporting a PDF of an OER textbook project I’ve been working on…

  1. We’ve been using the built-in Textboxes (McLuhan theme, if it matters), and I notice that the sidebar boxes get a bit wonky in the PDF. Sometimes the bullets from a bulleted list in the main body of text overlap onto the sidebar. Sometimes a sidebar spans two pages and it switches from being on one side of the page to the opposite side.

  2. We are using a Glossary (and loving it in the web version), but none of the glossary terms seem to carry over to the PDF. There’s still a glossary at the end of the file with all the terms, but they’re not at all highlighted/underlined/anything distinct in the actual body of the text. I get that we can’t have tooltips in a PDF, but can they not even have an internal link to the Glossary? Or at least some visual clue that the word can be found there?

Would appreciate any advice and answers - I did some extensive searching of the archives and read the PDF Export & Options chapter, but didn’t see any of these specific issues addressed or solved.

Hi @hrwheeler can you send the URL of the book you’re having trouble with to our premium support email and we’ll take a look at it? Happy to investigate glossary issue as well and file feature request if needed, but best thing to start with is get in our support queue as you’re a PressbooksEDU client.

Will do - thank you, Steel! :slight_smile:

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