Network admin user name displayed as individual book author name

The network username of the books by default displayed as author name under the book title in both PDF and ebook. When under one network multiple books are created, each book is assigned to different author, but when export, the network admin user name is displayed as default author instead of the user name of the book.

Super admin -> Network admin(username: manarkeni) -> Book1, Book2…etc is created, Book1 is assigned to an another user name and book2 is assigned to an another user name.

When you export Book1 and Book2, The author name should be of the user name assigned to Book1 and Book2.

The current result is Book1 and Book2 have auther name as Network admin user name(manarkeni)

You can change this by adding custom ‘Contributors’ and then assigning them as the book author on the Book Information page, unless I’m not understanding your question.

Thank you @ned…Problem is solved…appreciate it…