Multiple Uses of Content

I am making a book out of all the blogs I’ve posted from 2018. I’ve added all the posts as chapters to a book, but would like to use that content in multiple books or booklets, sometimes with the same chapters. Is there a way to do that easily? I want to keep my options open for using these chapters in different books.


Hi Michael

Your question caught my interest. So I searched for „Wordpress Multisite“ and „post to several sites“ as Pressbooks is based on Wordpress Multisite install. I found the following. No idea if that helps. Also no idea if the posts get updated if you update the mother post (single source).


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Hi Michael,

The easiest way to syndicate content would probably be to export selected chapters from a single book (choose the Pressbooks XML file option) and reimport into a new book shell (‘Tools’->‘Import’), selecting the Pressbooks/WordPress XML option. If you’re on an EDU or self-hosted network you could also use the cloning routine to bulk clone/copy a book and simply remove the chapters you didn’t want. Hope that helps?

Helps tons, thanks SteelWagstaff. I’m new to this self-publishing, though I learned enough using PB to complete a book and get it published. On Amazon now.

Time for this next project.



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Excellent! Thanks! I’ll give it a look. I appreciate you taking the time Thomas.