Monetizing option and royalty tracking

Pressbooks is great plugin for publishing books. I do not see an option where we can monetize in the wordpress itself. Though we can export the book and monetize through third partly platform like amazon kindle etc, pressbook does not seem to have an option to collect payment.

Pressbooks developers should test and make it compatible with plugin that has an option to monetize and track royalty.

This will be a great feature …

You can use Restric Content Pro and to allow to the users to create new books and to receive money with that. By opening accounts.

Also with restric content pro you can allow just the registered users to download the books from PB. So the premium users can download the ebooks.

For such purpose you have to write one line of code in the theme.

You can do a child theme for that or PB could integrate restric content pro in the theme, so just registered users could download the ebooks.

Other option is to block links and secondary information to the registered users,(or a full book) again, with restric content pro you can use a line of code in the child theme and to block secondary info. just for registered users (videos, audios, links, activities… think wich services you would like to offer by payment)

Maybe we could use Restric Content pro for such purpose. It just would require a tiny modification in the theme.

The question is what to have by paiment (if activate) and what to have open

By having a centraliced place where the people pay and they can acces to all the books or to have the payment just for a specific book.

Thank you @colomet for the reply.

I would prefer pressbooks tested with

I believe they do have option to sell Physical books

Commission and royalty tracking…

But I am not sure of the compatibility

I think we spok about that a few ago.

that requires a deep integration. Is not just to use a line of code in the theme or a themplate. Besides, you would have to do the configuration book by book… or again more and more integration. Is a lot of work.

The best idea is to create a second web site and to do your own marketplace, a amazon style web site, so your users could offer the book there.

PB is a multisite, where each book is an independent site. To do an ecommerce administrators of the independent books is complicate as you have to do the settings book by book. Just few options can be share across all the books, not all the plugins works sharing settings accros the multisite. That means time coding.

Simple and easy. And later they could offer the link from the book.

In my opinion is a simple and fast way of start, so in the future, you can update the site with a deep integration, but to start like that, maybe is not really a good idea.

I have the same problem than you, i´m asking the developers of the plugins I need for such purpose to create a sync settings for the multisite. Some times they do a first step. But is slow as they have other priorities. Maybe in 1-2 years that is much simple, now is complicate without speding time and money creating such integration.

My sugestion, start to ask to easydigitaldownload you have that problem, I will ask too following your question (let me know where you write the sugestion) and maybe soon they offer a solution if they see there is a need in the community.

Thank you very much for the detailed reply…

I did think of having two different website one with pressbooks where you use them as publishing tool and an another with ecommerce option.

What we miss in this option is reading experience that pressbooks offers both in Desktop and in Mobile, could not be given in a ecommerce website.

An ecommerce website which provides great reading experience as good as pressbooks could be an good options.

But I could not find any theme that provides good reading experience of books…