MathML and inline equations

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Thanks for the help. After a few quick curiosity import tests to see if I could get a chapter, I’ve had no luck w/ the BCcampus PB or the SUNY Lumen; but the BC PB did have an xml to dl, so I’ll be diggin into that later. As an update, I’ll be using much less of the Calc 1 book, since the faculty I’m working w/ decided to use a different source over the wknd. Sadly it’s a pdf-based book from opentextbookstore.

Thanks again

Glad you found something that worked out.

Just to be clear though. The SUNY book has already been cleaned up by a student worker, so it is probably much less work than a rough import from BC Campus has.

I thought they were the same, so thank you for the clarification.

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I just wanted to let the 3 of you know how much I appreciated your help in this thread. I dl’ed the xml file and imported various chapters which saved me gobs/tons/a lot of time and most likely saved the Spring '21 semester target we are working on.

Thnx again and have a great holiday season.


So grateful that I found this thread. I am creating an OER for Baylor University that uses different sections from many different existing OERs - the majority of them from OpenStax. I have imported several OpenStax sections and have been reformatting them. The process is maddening, but, luckily, I know the old-school html. My big problem right now is getting MathJax equations/characters (like pi/3, for example) inline with text. After reading this forum from 3 years ago, is the answer still ‘no answer’? Is there not a way to get pi/3 inline with text?

P.S. I checked, and the BCcampus link doesn’t have a Pressbooks downloadable version anymore.


What version of WordPress are you using? I think this should have been fixed in WordPress 6.2 so that mathml could be displayed inline.