Image centering / Theme loading issues

I haven’t added any custom CSS. Should I add some to fix the issue for now? Would I do that on the Custom Styles section in the Your Web Styles box?

I will report this bug.

I found a separate bug with the update of H5P that renders the workspace blank:

Thanks Jeremy. You could try adding CSS to custom styles as a fix for the theme, yes. The best place to report a bug for Pressbooks is our GitHub issues repo. On the H5P issue, however, this might be relevant? Presbooks 5.7.0 ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

These screenshots suggest to me that the SCSS for your theme’s webbook hasn’t properly compiled (colors, elements, specials, media, pages, and section-titles are all SCSS partials which are included in the web stylesheet). Hard to say why that would happen.

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