HTMLBook question

From the last call, i think Is not clear the HTMLBook full feature release. You are going to start with something in PB 5.0 and to finishit in the future (If I did understand right). But in the call of December, you say something about just new books will have such improvements.

Does it means that current books under PB 5.0 will have all the improvements, or we have to clone the current books in new books as we spoke in the past?


I think HTMLBook , if I did understand properly, is the missing key core feature. I can´t wait. Together with the API and the metadata, It will help to read and to teach in ways we can not start to imagine.

We are releasing a beta HTMLBook exporter in Pressbooks 5, but we won’t be using it for PDFs or anything else until some necessary improvements have been made. I’ll be publishing a technical overview of Pressbooks 5 this week which will explain further.

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:point_up: Yes, you won’t need to clone existing books or do anything else to upgrade, as we are adding all the new features I discussed yesterday (contributors, post statii, license taxonomy, etc.) in a backwards-compatible way. Note that HTMLBook beta exports will be available for all books when we release Pressbooks 5, but not as our default export format.