Export routines

I’m working on a dev server and no longer have the ability to produce epub/mobi/OPT exports. I’m getting the ‘Please verify that you have completed the installation instructions.’ message. I’ve gone into wpconfig.php and see that we have the following:

define( ‘PB_PRINCE_COMMAND’, ‘/usr/bin/prince’ );
define( ‘PB_KINDLEGEN_COMMAND’, ‘/opt/kindlegen/kindlegen’ );
define( ‘PB_EPUBCHECK_COMMAND’, ‘/usr/bin/epubcheck’ );
define( ‘PB_XMLLINT_COMMAND’, ‘/usr/bin/xmllint’ );
define( ‘PB_SAXON_COMMAND’, ‘/usr/bin-java -jar /opt/saxon-he/saxon-he.jar’ );

I believe that each of the dependencies are installed on our server, but I don’t know how to check to see that these dependencies are in fact installed correctly and in the correct locations. Can anyone advise on this?

See here. Basically you just need to run the command and see if it produces output. So, for epubcheck:

exec( PB_EPUBCHECK_COMMAND . ' -h 2>&1', $output, $return_val );

In your case, from the terminal, run /usr/bin/epubcheck -h. You should get this:

$ /usr/bin/epubcheck -h
EpubCheck v4.0.1

When running this tool, the first argument should be the name (with the path)
of the file to check.

If that doesn’t work then epubcheck is somewhere else. The default did change between 3.9.x and 4.x so that may be it.

In general, your dependencies may be installed in a different place than our defaults suggest, so putting in the defaults from our installation instructions won’t always work (it needs to be specific to your setup).

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Nevermind–we were missing Java. Installed it and we’re fine!

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