Empty space in the start of some sentences

Why some times we have an empty space in the first of the sentence


if in the text editor we write it normal?

a page:


I apologize if you have already tried this, but the first place I would check out would be your theme options.

There are two settings for paragraph, one to skip a line between paragraphs and another to indent between paragraphs. The first thing I would check is it looks like you have it set to indent.

If you are hoping for uniformity, you have to change that for all your outputs, web, pdf…


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@beckej you beat me to it—that’s exactly what I was going to suggest trying. Also, @colomet, you didn’t mention which theme you are using. Is it Open Textbooks or one of our themes?

I use the McLuhan Theme.

I have in all the books the skip lines between paragraphs selected (I do not know if is by default or I did change in the past). But the books are indent as you can see in the picture.

If I do change from one to the another it works in the good way, but I have to change the settins, without my hand modification do not works the selected configuration for all the created books.

The current indentation looks strange. I think if we have indentation, we have to have indentation each time we start a line, not in the second paragraph (the problem is, those are not paragraphs, are two lines of the same paragraphs as I did use the Shift Intro Paragraph).

I think a revision of those options are necesary because looks strange to me. In the past It did not works like that. we had not such indentation in the second line. And I think it was better.

Maybe instead of a radio button we can have a checkbox.

I´m testing and now I understand, It never works before to me as I did nevert change noghint. If we do not change the settings, we do not apply the css modifications of those options.

The indentation is about the full paragraph, not the first word.

For me is complicate the information of the options of the settings page + I do not like any options. I need to be able to change both options independent maybe.