Adding categories and tags to chapters to later search for these site wide

I would like to add categories and tags to chapters to later search for specific chapters by categories and tags. Reason for this: Use specific chapters of books in an LMS via LTI. The categories and tags would allow finding relevant chapters.

The WP masks to enter categories and tags inside the chapter are not shown. Likely because Pressbooks suppresses the “blocks” for categories and tags in the chapter edit view.

  • Can I make the categories and tags blocks show up by adding something to the wp_config.php file?
  • Do you recommend a plugin that allows search categories and tags site wide?

We do use custom taxonomies for the clasification of the information not yet we do the search but here some ways to do it search - Searching custom taxonomies in wordpress - Stack Overflow or wp query - Search custom taxonomy term by name - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

Hi, thank you for your reply. I only want to add standard WordPress categories and tags to chapters.

(If you use books on Pressbooks inside an LMS, the book metadata becomes less important than chapter metadata.)

Looks like this is the place where you add the categories and post_tags menu to the editor for the Pressbooks custom post types:

One has to add:

'taxonomies'=> array('category','post_tag'),

in register_extended_post_type for each Pressbooks custom post type (chapter, front-matter, back-matter,…)

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