Add to Textboxes Dropdown in Editor

Our content creation team wants a “Try It” option in the textboxes dropdown in the MCE editor that has the same styling as the “Exercises” and “Key Takeaways” textboxes (with the exception of color). I don’t know of any clean way to add an item to the textboxes dropdown menu without touching Pressbooks core code (tinymce.php and textboxes.min.js).

Any suggestions or thoughts about this? Is it possible to add an item to a TinyMCE dropdown button from another plugin? Or am I forced to create a separate TinyMCE button?

I don’t think it’s possible to extend the existing textboxes dropdown, unfortunately.

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Yeah, that’s what I’d figured. Thought I’d ask though. I’ll just make a separate button for TinyMCE. Thanks @ned!

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